We are a small home based hobby breeder located in Jacksonville, Florida that specializes in breeding spirited, well adjusted, energetic, and happy Savannah cats.  Our cats are raised in our home with tender loving care.  They are very much a part of our family, and they are loved, respected, and revered.  We only keep a few cats, and they live in our house with us.   We use no small cages, and our cats have a nice large outdoor enclosure to enjoy as much fresh air and sunshine as they like.  We breed only savannah to savannah, and our breeding cats are handpicked from all over the world for quality, type, temperament, and pedigree, so whether you are interested in showing, or just want to have one of the most interesting and unique pets on the planet, then you have come to the right place!

The Savannah cat originated from crossing  an African Serval to a domestic cat, and then developed through subsequent outcrosses.  Servals are gorgeous big cats, but because the are wild animals,  it is impractical and difficult to keep them as pets.   Savannah cats make absolutely wonderful pets and still have a touch of their exotic ancestry, which makes them truly unique as a pet.  They are relatively high energy cats and almost always playful.  We are constantly laughing at their antics and the things that they come up with.  The goal in savannah cat breeding is to obtain as much of the look of the african serval as possible,  in a "cat-sized" package!  Particularly striking are the serval's long lean body, long legs, large upright ears, spots, and ocelli (the spots on the back of the ears designed to fool predators in the wild,) and these ae some of the features that we try and maintain in the savannah cat.  Earlier generation savannahs are known for being larger than the average cat, but actually most savannah cats are of average cat size. 

African Serval

We have a tremendous respect for the Savannah breed and their wild heritage.  It is this close tie to nature and natural selection that makes this a very special cat.  They are intelligent, outgoing and affectionate when socialized properly, and are typically healthy cats.

The Savannah cat is an accepted new cat breed.   TICA has accepted the Savannah breed for registration in 2001, and for  championship status as of 2012.  

Our Savannah cats and Savannah kittens are TICA registered, and we have carefully selected our breeding cats for type, but also for personality and temperament. We feel that it is important to be selective and search for quality in a breeding program to truly exemplify the breed standard.  Being a relatively new breed,  the Savannah cat is still undergoing significant transformation, and I feel the best is yet to come!  It is  exciting to be involved in the development of this fantastic breed.

In Florida, all generations of the savannah is a domestic cat, and do not need a special permit.  However, certain savannah cat generations are not legal to own in every state.  You can check your state laws below.  We will not ship to people who live in areas where they are illegal.

check  http://www.hybridlaw.com/  for more information

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