2nd best Savannah Kitten in the International Cat Association (TICA) 2017

Best Savannah Kitten in the Southeast Region 2017

Silver/Black Spotted Tabby F6SBT

Vishnu was bred here, and we are very proud of him.  We love his gorgeous smudgy black nose, super long legs, and clear silver coat, with great contrast and almost no tarnish.  He has nicely shaped eyes, and walks with his head low. His temperament is fantastic, and we are looking forward to the upcoming show season.  He is also a hopeful stud here too.

Dam: Wyldthingz Dharma of Bodhicats (F6 SBT)

Sire: Myafricats Tracy (F5SBT)



2014-2015 2nd best Savannah Kitten in TICA
2014-2015 Best Savannah Kitten in SE region,
2014-2015 Regional Winner, and
TICA Breed poster Savannah representative 

Brown/Black Spotted Tabby F6SBT

Wilhelm is an amazing cat. He was such a pleasure to show, with his relaxed and docile personality and jawdropping good looks. His supreme title came quickly. We are so proud of him! Thank you Margitta Graeve for this gorgeous boy.



4nd best Savannah Kitten in the International Cat Association (TICA) 2017

2nd Best Savannah Kitten in the Southeast Region 2017

Brown/Black Spotted Tabby F6SBT

Shiva was lovingly bred by Savannah Norway and we are honored to have him with us.    We love his buttery golden serval color,  smudgy black nose, beautiful contrast with inky black spots, and wild look of his face.  Looking forward to some kittens from him soon.


BodhiCats Savannahs

In-home  Breeder  of  High  Quality  Savannah  Cats


We participate in local, regional, and sometimes distant TICA Cat shows.  As a breeder, I feel that showing our savannahs is very important for our breed, both for the purposes of breed recognition and promotion  but also for breed development. It is important to learn to closely evaluate what makes a savannah different from other similar breeds. I have been Showing for several years, and it has been an invaluable asset to my program.