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F1   Kali

Sadies Kali of Bodhicats

Silver and Black Spotted Tabby

Dam: Argentsavannah F4 Ms Bigglesworth                

Sire: Elie of Sadies   (serval)

From the first time I saw this girl, I knew she was something special, not to be passed up. She is an F1 Savannah, Sired by a handsome serval, and her mom is an F4  Savannah.  This  puts her about 58% serval.  She is dark, Smoldering, tall and lean, with huge upright serval ears, a darling black smudged nose, and to us, is perfect in every way.  Watching her grow has been a treat. She is gentle and sweet, and extremely affectionate. It's like having our own little "mini serval."  I think she is a treasure to the future savannah breed.


F6 SBT  
Silver and black spotted tabby

TICA Champion  Wyldthingz "Dharma" of Bodhicats

Best Silver Savannah in TICA 2014

2nd Best Savannah SE Region 2014

Cat fancy Centerfold 2015

Dam: Kirembo's Mukihondi of Wyldthingz          

Sire: Awildside Zaidi of Wyldthingz

Dharma is my special little girl. She was so wonderfully bred by Kelly at Wyldthingz, and she has been a pure joy in my life.  She is the sweetest natured, cuddly little love bug of a savannah, and has snuggled her way into my heart.   She came to me completely fearless and ready for anything, and as Kelly said, "bulletproof..."  She's the only one of our savannahs that just purrs and purrs when you pick her up.   She is also very vocal, and tells me exactly how she feels about everything.  Sometimes we have to call her "Drama" instead of Dharma.   She is a beautiful savannah, and has been getting better with age.   She comes from a fabulous pedigree.   Her full older sister,  Wyldthingz Bewitched aka "Bezus" won a Supreme Grand Champion Title, and one of the top show cats of 2012! 

Dharma is a very nice example of the breed, from her large upright ears, long body, long legs, small head, nice profile, endless savannah energy, and a wonderful temperament which makes her a "show -off"  in the ring!






Drinkwater "Shakti" of Bodhicats

Brown and Black Spotted Tabby

Dam:  Bespotted Tasha (F4 Savannah)              

Sire: Kongo of Drinkwater (serval)

Shakti  is an incredible F1 savannah, and has amazing serval features, including bold black inky spots, a nice golden color, gorgeous servally face and round tall upright ears, near perfect eye shape, and the smudgy black nose with tear stains.  She has a very sweet gentle temperament, and we just adore her.